Our 10.22 kW Solar System Doing its Thing on a Sunny Day

Are you on a journey for energy independence for your home? Maybe you’re in to green energy from an environmental aspect? Maybe you have realized that a solar system will save you money over time. No matter what your reason for wanting renewable energy… good for you! 

In January 2001, gas averaged $1.30/gallon in Texas. If you could have locked that price in, you could have saved a lot of money over the last 20 years. You can do that to your electric bill with solar. 

I’m partnered with world class, professional installers who do this every single day and will get your system up and activated quickly and smoothly. 

If you are the homeowner, your roof is in good shape and you’re willing to apply your 26% Federal Tax Credit toward your solar system (our calculator assumes yes to all), you are just a few steps away from energy independence. 

My Promise to You

We’ll calculate your average electric bill over the past year or two and  design and deliver a solar system that will suit your needs for as close as  possible to what you pay now for electricity. In most homes in the Denton area, we should be able to do this. In some cases, solar will be less than what you pay now. 

Your solar generation cost WILL NOT GO UP. In 20 years, when the panels still have 5 years of warranty left on them, they will cost you nothing… and you’ll be happy about that.

There is, of course, somewhat of a line, so let’s get started and get you off the grid. 

– Scott Hazard


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