An Example of Low Light Solar Production

I always thought that on cloudy days, the solar system would be ineffective. I was wrong about that. The REC panels we have are actually very good when it comes to low light production.

The two images posted show the sky and the production stats taken today, 5-18-2021, about 2:30 PM. We are in between rain deluges, with clouds lingering overhead and no site of the sun at all today. These two images will tell you that your solar system does not just go to sleep when the sun goes away.

More on low light solar production.

A look at the sky on a cloudy day.
A Cloudy Day in Denton, Yet Solar Generation Continues
A Generation Screenshot from a Cloudy Day
Even on a Cloudy Day, Still Generating Excess Power. 3.5kW Generated, 2.2kW to the House and the Rest to the Grid