Backup Generators

While batteries are probably the most efficient backup system, a propane generator can also work very well to keep your home powered in times of electrical outages. The bottom line is that no matter how it is powered, having plenty of backup power is a goal that will lead to peace of mind.

Advantages of a Backup Generator Over Batteries

  • A generator can run indefinitely. Most are powered by propane and connected directly to the propane source, so they can run for long periods of time.
  • A backup generator is generally less expensive than batteries that produce the same amount of power.

Advantages of Backup Batteries Over Generators

  • Batteries are silent while generators make noise while running.
  • Batteries require no maintenance.
  • In the event of a severe freeze like Texas saw in Feb. 2021, propane can sometimes freeze in the lines and become unavailable.
  • Using batteries for backup does not generate carbon emissions. Any time that a fuel is burned, carbon emissions are generated and released into the air.

I have a family member who opted for a generator. They live on a farm in a rural setting, so the noise isn’t a problem. They also use a very small amount of electricity in general, so the cost of the generator was a fraction of the cost of battery backup.

As I have said before, the method you use to become grid independent is up to you. The fact that you are committed to doing it is the important part.