Best Positioning for Solar Panels

Before we consider placing your panels, let’s look at the movement of the sun. The sun, while rising in the east and setting in the west, ranges from a declination of -23.5 degrees below the equator to a declination of +23.5 degrees above the equator. Denton, Texas is 33.21 degrees above the equator. This placement means that if your panels face south, they will get the most sun possible no matter the season we are in.

Not every house is able to have panels facing south. You want the most panels possible facing south. If none can face south, west is the next best option, followed by east, then north. Having east or west facing panels will still result in good generation. Having north facing panels isn’t such a great idea when you live north of 23.5 degrees. (also known as the Tropic of Cancer) If you have north facing panels, they will never get direct sun.