Charging Your EV

There are plenty of chargers for all EVs for sale. You can find them most anywhere. For the Tesla, I went ahead and bought the Tesla Wall Connector. I like the idea of no moving parts on the plug or the hang mechanism. Tesla uses a simple gravity fed notch-and-peg type of hanger for their chargers as well as the Superchargers. Also, since my Model Y Long Range will charge at 48kW, the Tesla charger will also charge at that speed where some cheaper chargers will not.

Our Tesla Model Y came with a lightweight travel charger. You can buy adapters to fit most outlet types.

Tesla sells their chargers for $500. I have a company that I can refer you to in the DFW area who will install one for you for $650 plus $10 per foot for the distance from the panel to where it is installed. That is a fair price on a Tesla Wall Connector.

We charge the Leaf on the 30 amp charger that Nissan supplied. It works just fine and charges the car as quickly as we need for home use. It also came with a travel charger.

Nissan Leaf Plus Charger
Charger for Nissan Leaf Plus