Design and Buy – Step 3 of 3 to Go Solar

We’ve determined your need and we have vetted your house and your personal finances enough to know that you can move forward with your system. So let’s configure and price this 14.6kW system we came up with in Step 1.

Since writing this page, we have launched an interactive estimator that is calculated from your average electric bill. 

Using estimations based on what we paid and other quotes we got, I come up with a rough cost of $47,100 for your solar system. This is solar only. We will look at backup after this.

We will put this estimate in Denton and use DME’s rate of 13.8cents per kWh for comparison. If you used 17,000 kWh in the past 12 months, you paid roughly $2600 in electric bills over the last year. I had added a little to cover the meter fee and any small amount of taxes etc. So your average cost of electric is $217 monthly.

If we assume that you will use the entire 26% tax credit to keep your payment low, a 20 year payment for your system will be $210-220. These numbers are hypothetical, but if they are off, I don’t think they are very far off. of course lots of factors influence production etc. that will eventually determine the effectiveness of your system.

If you are interested in exploring this further, contact me and I can help you confirm these numbers and make a suggestion of where to go to get the best deal on a solar system.