Determine Your Ability – Step 2 of 3 to Go Solar

Continued from Step 1, we have determined that you want a full solar offset and we have conceptualized a system to fit your need. Now let’s look at some other things that might stand in the way of you being the owner of this awesome solar system.

Since writing this page, we have launched an interactive estimator that is calculated from your average electric bill. 

  • Are it you a homeowner? You will need to be, unless you rent and can convince your landlord to install the solar system.
  • Does your house get the proper amount of sun? You will need plenty of unobstructed roof. If your roof is shaded by trees all day, or most of the day, you might need to do some trimming, or look at a ground-mounted system if you have room for it.
  • Is your home efficient? It doesn’t have to be the model of efficiency, but honestly if your home is terribly inefficient, buying enough solar to heat/cool it will cost a good bit more than you might have to spend. Some solar companies offer efficiency checks and even some items, such as smart thermostats, that help make your home more efficient.
    Pro Tip: most electric companies have a program where they will come out to your home and check its efficiency. There is an air pressure test that the city of Denton uses where they actually pressurize your home and find the escaping air. At least in Denton, this is a free service to homeowners.
  • Do you qualify for the loan or do you have the cash to pay for your solar system? Credit requirements aren’t overly stringent for these loans that I can tell.

That’s it. If you got past these questions and are still able and interested, let’s get to the final part.

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