Solar Energy Production Report – Week of 5-3 to 5-9 2021

This was our first full week to use solar power for our cars and household. This week was sunny but we did have our share of cloud cover on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Even in the clouds, our REC panels perform very well. They are among the highest rated panels in low light production.

Solar Production vs. Usage - Week Ending 5/9/21
Solar Production vs. Usage – Week Ending 5/9/21

We used 220 kWh of power. We generated 412. So that is 153% energy offset for the week. We are very happy with that. During the week we drew 106 kWh from the grid and we sent 296 kWh to the grid. Since we don’t yet have all of our Powerwalls, we are drawing from the grid at night, with the single Powerwall we have installed in Backup Only mode.

So we generated a credit this week of 190 kWh. This equates to a little over $7 in credit. That’s perfect. We’re not looking to make money selling power, just cover our usage.