Solar Inverters – String Inverters vs. Microinverters

Our Solar Array in Action

When it comes to your new solar system, there are two ways that inverters can be configured:

  • Your panels can be wired together in series so that the collective DC power they generate is fed through one inverter at the end, right before it is fed to the house. This inverter takes that DC power and changes it to AC power that your house uses. This is a string inverter configuration. One inverter for all panels.
  • You can use microinverters that are assigned to each panel. The inversion process is done then before the power gets to the house. This method is a bit more expensive, but allows for better control and monitoring of power generation at the individual panel level, but it increases the number of points where your system can possibly break.

In most cases, a quality string inverter such as a Solar Edge inverter will be just fine. All solar systems sold by us come with a full 25 year warranty on all components of the system.