Solar Calculator – System Size/Cost Calculator

We can have the system outlined below installed on your home for the terms outlined below. For the purposes of this solar calculator, we have used pricing for a better quality solar system, as described below. Research shows that most buyers prefer a simple sales approach, so here is simple. Tell us what you pay per month now for electricity and we’ll convert it over to solar and give you a REAL TIME QUOTE.

This solar calculator makes the following assumptions:

  1. Premium solar panels will be used.
  2. A quality inverter setup, either micro-inverters or a Solar Edge inverter and a rack-type rooftop mounting system will be used.
  3. All installation, materials etc. are included.
  4. No money will change hands to get this system installed on your home. You simply start making payments about 30 days after install. (instead of paying an electric bill) 
  5. The payments shown here are based on a 20 yr. low interest loan. Not a 25 yr loan. 
  6. Panels and inverters have 25 year warranties. You’ll have warranty beyond the life of the loan.
  7. The 26% Federal tax credit you receive will be applied toward the balance of the loan. (on or about payment #18)
    You do NOT have to do this, but your payment will go up a bit after payment #18 if you keep the tax credit or use it elsewhere.  
  8. Your credit is moderate or better.
  9. You are the homeowner and the roof on your home is suitable and does not require repairs or extra prep work.
  10. No modifications to your house or electrical panel need to be made.

We look strictly at monthly costs in this calculator. If you want a cash price, please give me a call. (937) TEXAS-11.


The inversion process from DC (what the panels produce) to AC (what your house uses) is about 80% efficient, so about 20% is lost. That 20% is accounted for in this calculator.

The monthly cost of this system will NOT increase as long as the assumptions listed are true for your situation. If your initial monthly cost is a bit higher than you are currently paying, your price will stay the same as the price of electricity from the grid rises. So over time, you end up saving money… if not immediately.

Hi! I’m Scott. I made this solar calculator and here’s what I can do for you.

Scott Hazard
  1. Explain to you the complete process of buying, installing and owning a solar system on your home and answer as many of of your questions as I am able.
  2. Help you determine your solar generation needs.
  3. Survey your site in person and/or digitally online.
  4. Explain all of your options in a non-sales, non-pushy, educational environment and help you decide on the system that’s best for your needs. This is a big step. You only get one chance to get a great solar system. If you buy the wrong one, you’re kinda stuck with it.
  5. Help you with contracting, financing and preparing for installation. 
  6. After activation, I will visit and go through your new system with you and answer any questions you might have at that point. After that, I will be a phone call away. 

Give me a call. Let’s get started – (937) TEXAS-11 (839-2711)

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