Three Steps to Solar Power

Three Steps to Solar

Going solar is a big decision and requires lots of planning. We’ve distilled it down to three steps. As with most any other techie project, the number of rabbit holes to explore are limitless. We opted for a simple and efficient approach. 

Determine Your Needs

Just a few simple calculations and some lifestyle questions are needed here.

Determine Your Ability

By ability, we mean things like how much sun will your panels get? We know your needs. This step is an analysis of whether or not we can fulfill your needs with solar on your property.

Design & Buy

It doesn’t sound too bad if you say it quickly! But seriously, if your needs are able to be met, let’s put the rubber to the road and look at the financial benefits. My family has various green energy motivations, but for the purposes of this web site, in an effort to maintain objectivity, we will look at this strictly from a financial point of view.