Scott Hazard

Scott Hazard

A Denton resident, since 2015, I live here with my wife, Camille and our family of furry creatures.

I’ve spent the last 25 years making a living in the online sales/marketing arena. For the same 25 years, I have closely (almost obsessively at times) watched the improvements of residential solar energy as it made its way slowly to mainstream America. Well guess what? It’s here, and with events like we had in Texas in February 2021, it’s wildly popular.

When we went solar in Spring of 2021, and I learned that I could help people convert to solar power and basically cost them nothing more than they already pay for electricity from the grid, I couldn’t help myself and I dived in.

Now I help people like you make the shift to clean, solar energy. Life is good. I’m happy to design your solar system and help you every step of the way through to activation. I’ll promise you a competitive price on a great solar system.

Thanks for visiting.

Call me if I can help. (940) 217-6040